Thursday, 27 December 2012

Improving e-book Reading Experience

Today I came upon, via my RSS feed, an article provided by Mashable referring to five new startups which are trying to improve e-reading experience.  

As I am a fan of new technology and dedicated user of new applications which make our lives easier, meaningful and fill them with fun, I decided to share with you these new applications, this new knowledge that I acquired in the field of reading/studying books. 

Is an application for reading books on phone. Members will receive unlimited access to an ever-growing collection of books for a single monthly price. The founder indicates that the process of finding your next book is very different from purchasing a knife, and it should be treated that way.

It builds a service to share ebooks across devices and offers users a simple way to store and share ebooks in the cloud, the opportunity to create their virtual bookshelf, browse friends’ shelves, borrow and loan ebooks and access their shelf anywhere. 

Aaron Stanton describes this new application as follows: “Imagine a game where you-the reader-are the main character, and every book you read earns you points and rewards. The Game of Book is a game for adventurous readers where the books you read earn you points based on what they are about”.

Is expected to be the future of digital publishing. This platform lets authors to create content, explores new forms of revenue generation and increases user engagement. 

It offers a detailed database of the characters, places and items mentioned in thousands of books. Users can discover everywhere a book can take them.

 Dimitra Zervaki


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